iWatermark for iPad

If you have ever produced artworks or photos and shared them on the Internet, you have probably seen your work get stolen by content thieves. There are some people who are willing to work hard to create things. Then there are some that love stealing other people’s work. You may not be able stop everyone from taking advantage of your work. But you can always put your watermark on your photos and artworks to let people know who’s responsible for creating those. iWatermark for iPad is just the app for that.

iWatermark is designed for those of you who want to add your own watermark or QR code to your artwork. You can create text and graphic watermarks and move them around on your photos with your fingers. Users can interact with their watermarks easily. Scale, opacity, font, and angle of watermarks created can be modified too.

We found iWatermark for iPad to be easy to use. Creating watermarks and modifying them are easy. This tool works on all your iOS devices. It supports various types of watermarks. QR codes are well supported too. A must have if you want to protect your work against plagiarisms.

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