Kids Maps

One does not have to be a genius to be able to tell states apart from each others. But amazingly enough, some people can’t do that. The good news is you can always fix that problem by taking a look at a U.S. map. Thanks to tools such as Kids Maps, you can also teach your young ones about basic U.S. geography. It is an entertaining game that pushes your young ones to develop better shape/color recognition and hand/eye coordination.

Kids Maps is designed specifically for young children (2+). It not only gets them familiar with basic geography through games, it improves their shape and color recognition skills. The game does include fun facts on states.  It teaches your children a thing or two about the alphabets. Kids Maps’ motivational messages are fun too.

Kids Maps won’t make your young one a geography genius and does not intend to. It is an awesome educational game that aims to teach your kids new things without boring them to death. A must have for teachers and parents.

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