Those of you who have played around with Unix systems in the past are familiar with VI. It is a text editor that Unix users can take advantage of to manipulate files with. You get to access Vi through your terminal. Thanks to Vi Touch, you now have the option to edit your files on your iPad.

Vi has plenty of commands and can take a bit of time to master. Vi Touch gives you some practice on your iPad. A tutorial for this tool has been included to get you started. The interface is intuitive and makes editing files easier. You can manage your folders from within this app. Vi Touch would work with your external keyboard as well.

Vi Touch is fairly customizable. You can change the font or background theme in this app. Your files can be shared through iTunes or WiFi. Vi Touch works in both viewing modes.

If you plan to work on Vi on the go, Vi Touch is a nice tool to try. It is fast and does what it promises well.

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