Touch Maze

So you are into puzzles and brain challenging games? Touch Maze is one of those games that can challenge you and have you entertained for quite some time. Solving mazes can be quite addictive and fun at the same time. Especially those that can have your head spinning. Touch Maze is designed for those who can’t get enough of maze games and want to take advantage of their iPad to test their skills.

Touch Maze never really gets old. Since the app uses Kruskal’s algorithm to generate your maze, you are going to get a different maze to tackle every-time. I personally haven’t managed to get the app to show me identical mazes so far. The app does come with 3 levels as well. The easy and medium levels may not provide enough challenge if you are a maze junkie. But the hard level can be a bit tough.

The game supports multi-player mode playing as well. And you can always compete against yourself by trying to beat your previous scores. The game itself is quite clean and easy to get a handle on.  The only issue that we have had with the app are multiple crashes that took place when we tested the app. It probably needs an update, but it has potential.

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