Mailbox Gmail Client for iPad

Gmail is a pretty popular e-mail service. Many of us rely on it to stay in touch with our friends and get our business done. Gmail does work pretty well on your iPad. Mailbox happens to be a beautiful Gmail client that makes you an even more productive user. It has a beautiful but lightweight user-interface and helps you read all your incoming messages without spending all day doing so.


Mailbox is quite fast. It puts you in control of your e-mails. As a professional, you may not have time to deal with every single email as they come to you. The good news is you can rely on the Mailbox app to postpone some of your messages and deal with them at a later time. You can even get push notifications and add all your Gmail accounts to address them from one place.

mailbox app

Mailbox is free at the time of this writing. It has gotten a lot of attention in the media and for a good reason. The app is very well designed and makes keeping up with your Gmail account a breeze. It works fine on the iPhone too!

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