5 iPad App That Teach You Coding

In this day and age, everyone can benefit from knowing a bit of coding. This is where our future is headed. We are going to have mobile devices, wearable computers, smart apparel, and many other innovative products that you can write code for. You are not going to become a genius programmer overnight. But everyone has to start learning somewhere. These 5 iPad apps help you learn how to code:


Codecademy: a wonderful application that teaches you how to code with practice. It shows you examples of code to help you learn better.


Treehouse: the folks at Treehouse can teach you how to code, build iPhone apps, and start a business. This app allows you to consume the content on your mobile device.


L2Code HTML: it teaches you the basics of HTML. It has 9 tutorials and provides you with lesson walk-throughs. You get a text editor to practice coding skills.


Codea: lets you create games and simulations on your iPad easily. You can touch your code and learn by studying example projects.


Udemy: Udemy has a ton of awesome courses for you to study to take your game to the next level. They have more than programming courses.

There are many other educational apps (e.g. Khan Academy) available that touch on programming and technology. These apps don’t make you a guru in programming but teach you enough to get you on your way.

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