Windy iPad App for Relaxation and Meditation

Many of us lead hectic lives. It is too easy to become overwhelmed with everything and lose focus. Meditation can help you stay on the right track. Many successful folks rely on it to stay centered. Whether you want to meditate or just relax your mind, Windy has you covered. It is a good looking relaxation app that brings recording of winds with beautiful visuals to ease your mind.


Windy has 6 natural wind recordings with stereoscopic 3D audio to provide you with the best experience possible. You get 6 3D parallax scenes matching the recordings. By playing around with this app, you will realize how much work has been put forth to craft the content in it. You can discover additional content as you work your way through the app. The visuals and audio content combine to help you in the right mood.

windy app

Windy is a premium app. It costs you under $2 at the time of this writing. Considering the audio and brilliant visual effects you get, it is well worth a try.

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