Mathematics with PocketCAS pro for iPad

Most college students buy scientific calculators to help them along with their courses. Your iPhone or iPad can more than replace a calculator. You just need to download the right kinds of apps. Mathematics with PocketCAS pro is one of those apps. This is a powerful tool that can solve simple and more complex problems. Whether you have problems with high school math or complex college questions, Mathematics with PocketCAS pro can handle it.


The app can handle 2D and 3D plots. Have calculus problem? This app supports limits, derivatives, integrals, and taylor expansions. More advanced topics such as Linear algebra are also covered. Here is the neat part: the app has C-style scripting language that allows you to define custom functions, use conditional expressions, loops, and recursion.

mathematics app

This is a very capable mathematics app with a mathematical keyboard, export functionality, offline support, and many other useful features. It costs you under $5 but is worth every penny.

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