7 Min Workout for iPad

Remember the 7 minute workout that got a lot of coverage in the media a while back? It is a simple exercise routine you can do at home as long as you have a bit of space and a chair. You are not going to need fancy machines like treadmills or elliptical machines to complete this program. We have covered plenty of apps that show you how to do this particular workout. The 7 Min Workout is yet another app that shows you how to burn calories at home.


7 Min Workout has a built-in timer and offers voice coaching. It whistles to tell you when to start, stop, and break. Your phone remains awake while you are working out. The app also provides 3 second warning before your workout. You get high-intensity interval training exercises to burn calories without the need to spend hours doing it.

7 min

7 Min Workout is a free application. It is universal and offers simple to follow instructions. A nice tool to use to add some intensity to your workout program.

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