Spiritual Calendar

Here in the U.S., we mostly celebrate Jewish and Christian holidays. Of course, that is not the case around the globe. Muslims and followers of other religions have their own holidays. Since the U.S. is a very diverse country, it never hurts to know what dates other religions deem important. That’s where Spiritual Calendar comes into play. It gives you an easy way to find out about those important days in other religions and gain some information on those faiths.

This app covers 13 religions. Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Bahai faith, Shinto, and Paganism dates are all covered in this app. If you are interested in a certain date, you can always use the appropriate button to find out more about it. This calendar has a nice interface and is easy to follow. You can reveal and hide sacred dates of certain religions as well.

It would be nice if one could add additional events to this calendar (custom dates). But, Spiritual Calendar is a pretty handy tool to keep up with those sacred dates (especially if you have lots of friends from different faiths).

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