5 Awesome MMA Timers for iPad

MMA training can do wonders for your body. You can burn a ton of calories and lose weight by practicing martial arts at home or the gym. You are not going to have all day to do it though. These 5 MMA timers help you keep your sessions on track:

fight timer

Fight Trainer: this app comes with preset rounds and workouts to help you practice your skills and burn calories. You can customize your workouts, rounds, and other settings easily.

fitness intervals

Fitness Intervals: an elegant and customizable timer for athletes. You can use it as a timer, stopwatch, Tabata workouts, and more. It has big numbers for better readability.

mma timer

MMA Timer: you can use this timer whether you are practicing boxing, Ju-jitsu, or any standard workout program. It does have MMA themed sound effects for the fans. This is a universal app.

boxing timer

Boxing Timer Pro: as the app’s name suggests, this helps you practice boxing, mixed martial arts, and other skills. You can set timers and sounds for preparation, round, warning, and rest, and you are ready to go.


Seconds by Runloop: a timer with templates for HIIT, tabata, circuit training, and more. It lets you share your timers and save them for future.

Have you found better timers for iPhone or iPad? Please share them here.

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