My Vacation HD

iPad is a traveler’s best friend. It would have been the ultimate travel gadget if it had a camera but even without a camera, you can still use it to keep track of your trips, take notes, and go through maps. My Vacation HD is a powerful travel application that lets travelers create travel journals, plan their trips appropriately, and even add audio to their journals.

If you are spending time and money on a vacation, you don’t want to come back without a decent travel journal. My Vacation HD has you covered. It not only helps you plan your activities and pack appropriately for your trip, it can organize your travel files (including photos, videos, audio files, and …).

As long as you have the tools to bring your photos from your digital camera to your iPad, you are set with this app. The app has a very attractive design and can be used to create professional-looking trip journals. My Vacation HD does let you add your information to Facebook, Twitter, and send them to others via e-mail.

If you are going on a vacation and want to get your hands on an app that can help you prepare for your trip and organize your files during your trip, My Vacation HD is worth a look.

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