Need for Speed Shift for iPad

Need for Speed has been one of our favorite gaming franchises for quite a while now. If you are into racing and have played Need for Speed games on gaming platforms such as PS3, you probably know what sets this game apart from its competitors. Now thanks to Electronic Arts, you can play this highly intense game on your iPad. Need for Speed Shift for iPad comes with some of the best graphics we have seen so far on the iPad. Of course, we already know that gaming companies were going HD for iPad owners. This app demonstrates what a world of difference that larger screen makes.

For starters, you get 28 cars to choose from. All with their strengths and weaknesses of course. Since the app takes advantage of physics-based acceleration, the game can be quite challenging at times and more fun for it. I was a bit skeptical about the controls with this app, but they are surprisingly responsive. So you won’t have too much trouble handling the manual acceleration, gears, and pedals.

The first person car view is quite exciting as well (not something I can get used to but works for some). There are 18 tracks that you can choose from (located around the world), and you get to drive in day or night. If you are not satisfied with going against the CPU, you can always use your WiFi or Bluetooth connection to go against your friends. Now that’s quite fun and gives your friends an excuse to get an iPad as well!

All in all, the game is what you can expect. The graphics are superb and the game play is intense. You get multiple levels of difficulty to deal with, and you can go against your friends as well. Ton of upgrades are available as well. The app did freeze on us twice, but we haven’t been able to replicate the issue since. Truly a mesmerizing experience.


graphics, car options, controlsa bit pricey

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