Notebooks for iPad

A few years ago, people used to rely on paper notebooks to keep track of their notes, ideas, and everything in between. The iPad is a notebook killer. That is if you use apps such as Notebooks to replace your paper notes. It is an elegant application you can use to write and organize notes, diaries, and even reminders.

The Notebooks app is quite versatile. It can handle your texts and notes easily. You get fonts, colors, and patterns to choose from. Task lists are supported as well. Best of all, you can import text, HTML, and other types of documents to the app. The password protection is essential to keep those sensitive notes from the eyes of strangers.

The Notebooks app saves you time searching through your notebooks. It supports cross-referencing documents which is useful. I very much like the look and design of this app. But the formatting features could be a whole lot better. It is certainly not the easiest-app to use to take notes with. But it is packed with features and has a lot of potential.

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