Wardrobe Journal

Have you ever been in a situation where you could not remember if you have worn the same outfit the last time you went out? You may not want to pay attention to such details but other people will. Wardrobe Journal is a cool iPad application that lets you store information on what you wear and reactions you have gotten to better experiment with your clothes.

Wardrobe Journal gives you a quick way to keep notes on what you wear so you can improve upon it the next time. It lets you keep track of what you wear at events and the dates associated with those. You can add photos of your outfit and the accessories you have used.

What’s impressive about this app is the fact that it saves you time finding out what you have worn in the past. You can search your database by people, events, outfit names, and other factors. Adding new entries is pretty easy and so is creating backups of your journal.

If you want to avoid wearing the same outfit to consecutive events or just want to keep track of what you wear, Wardrobe Journal is well worth trying.

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