Odysseus for Kids

I don’t know about you, but I still remember the fun, legendary stories that my parents and grandparents used to tell me about when I was a child. Not everyone has the gift of magnetic story telling. You could always keep your children entertained with the help of a decent app though. Take Odysseus for Kids for iPad. It is a brilliant application that gets your child started with mythology. It has interactive, animated content to grab the attention of your child.


The app has an interactive map, various portraits, and games to keep your child entertained. The games are not particularly difficult for kids but they do keep the attention of your child on the story. It is designed to help your child appreciate the most important part of the story. The graphics and picture are kid-friendly and quite a lot of fun. All you need is an iPhone 4+ or iPad 2+, and you should be set.


Odysseus for Kids is good looking and a lot of fun. The app did crash on us a couple of times. But the idea has a lot of potential. Even if you are not a good story teller, you can use an app like this to keep your child entertained for longer.

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