Photo Measures

Interested in doing some remodeling or a major design job in your home? Not having the right measurements and dimensions of the objects in your home accessible at all times is not such a smart idea. Whether you are purchasing material or items for your home, you need to know what limitations you are dealing with. Photo Measures is an awesome application that allows you to add dimensions, angles, and other information to the pictures from your home to make your life easier shopping for your project.

Photo Measures is very easy to work with. While it does not offer you automatic measurements (e.g. using your iPad 2’s camera), it does let you draw measures on your photos. Users can interact with their photos (zoom in/out) to achieve more precision. Notes can be added to photos as well.

Photo Measures keeps your work organized, saving you time going through your work. It supports both imperial and metric units. You can import all your photos and export your work by e-mail or to your photo library.

Photo Measures can’t do miracles but it gives you an easy way to have all your measurements handy when tackling redesign and remodeling jobs at your location. It can save you a lot of time and trouble when finalizing your plans for your projects.

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