Timeline – U.S. History for iPad

Studying history is not fun for everyone, especially if you have to read one of those thick, boring books. Technology is your best friend here. Apps such as Timeline – U.S history can teach you a thing or two about history without the need for you to be bored to death. The app provides you with an interactive experience as you learn about important events in the U.S. history.


Timeline – U.S. History lets you browse through an interactive timeline of key events from every year in our history. You can jump to specific years to learn more. You are provided with high quality images representing the events you are exploring. The app includes background information, so you know exactly what you are looking at.

time line history

Timeline makes learning about U.S. history more entertaining. It combines timelines, images, and background information to provide you with a more interactive experience. You can try it for free at this time.

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