Pocket Resume

Every week, we hear about the number of jobs that have been lost and gained in the past period. Watching those numbers is not going to find you a job. Having you resume clean and ready to go to employers will. Pocket Resume is just the app for that. It is designed specifically for job hunters and makes the process of preparing a decent resume more straight forward.

Pocket Resume is simple to use. It has a clean interface and comes with the layout you need to fill to put your resume together. In some ways, it’s like going through a wizard to have your resume prepared for you. Once you are done with your resume, you can store it as PDF and have it ready to go.

I am personally not a big fan of resume builders. Their use can be easily detected by recruiters. Pocket Resume does keep you in control, so you won’t have that issue. Pocket Resume may not land you a job, but it does make the search process easier.

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