Poet’s Pad

As a blogger, I have had to deal with writer’s block every once in a while. It can be even worse for poets and creative writers. Poet’s Pad is a powerful creative tool that can help you get over those blocks and produce higher quality work and avoid wasting too much time. Whether you are looking for that magical word or need some inspiration, Poet’s Pad has you covered.

Poet’s Pad has everything one would need to write down ideas and capture those magical moments. You can note down the words and phrases that come to you on this app’s sticky notes. The phrase generator feature is pretty cool too. If you are in a good or sad mode, you can just generate your phrases and words and save them for later. Looking to find out more about the words you’ll be using in your work? The dictionary section has you covered.

Poet’s Pad does have a rhyming tool to make your life a whole lot easier. You will need to be connected to the Internet to take advantage of it (that saves you some space on your iPad though). Just enter your word to find out what rhymes with it. The app even lets you record spoken words and replay them later too.

Poet’s Pad is a writer’s best friend. It is designed specifically for the creative crowd. If you are into poetry or just want to improve your writing, Poet’s Pad may be all you need. The interface does have a few minor issues, but it won’t keep you from producing your best work yet. Very unique app that offers unique values.


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