PostgreSQL Database Client

Devices such as tablets and netbooks have made it easier for developers to take their games on the road. Most developers have to deal with databases to run dynamic applications. Many organizations need databases to keep track of their documents too. In order to manage your databases on your tablet, you are going to need a decent client. PostgreSQL Mobile Database Client is one of the apps you can use to manage and interact with your PostgreSQL dbs.

PostgreSQL Database Client has something for everyone. It allows professionals to run queries on the go. It also is a good tool to use to tackle raw data. The app supports PostgreSQL versions 7, 8, and 9. This client works with corporate databases too (using VPN or SSH). Users can take advantage of this tool to manage data and even export it in various formats. They can also save a local snapshot of their data.

PostgreSQL Mobile Database Client is pretty easy to use for what it offers. Users can not only interact with their data, they can also run queries. You do not need any additional software to get this to work.

If you run PostgreSQL databases in your organization and want to interact with them on your iPad, this app is worth checking out.

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