Presentation Clock

Planning to deliver a formal presentation soon? Maybe you have had problems staying on time and on track with your presentations in the past. Having a presentation clock can keep you honest and on the right track. Presentation Clock is just the the application for that purpose. It is a simple to use presentation timer that keeps track of your delivery and shows you whether you have gone over your allocated time.

Presentation Clock is designed to do one thing and does that quite well. It allows you to create and save as many timers as you need. The digits are large, so you can see them from a distance. If you go over your limit, your timer’s digits get inverted, showing you by how much you have gone over your time.

Your clock can be set to change color when you get awfully close to the end of your presentation. This is quite useful if you absolutely won’t be given a chance to go over your time limit. Timers can even send audible alerts your way (big plus).

If you make a living out of giving presentations or just want to improve your skills, Presentation Timer can be all you need.

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