Primal Smoothies for iPad

Primal / Paleo diets can lead to amazing results. Many folks have managed to become healthy and lose a ton of weight by going paleo. Just like any other diet, your paleo diet needs to consist of a variety of delicious foods to keep you motivated. The App Store has many awesome Paleo diet apps with delicious recipes for you to choose from. Primal Smoothies for iOS happens to be one of those.


Primal Smoothies has a ton of unique primal smoothie recipes you can integrate with your diet easily. The 130+ recipes included are organized into ten categories with each recipe containing full list of ingredients, nutritional profile, and tips. Pictures for each recipe are also included. You can rate smoothies for your personal use.

primal smoothies

Primal Smoothies is one of many apps you can use to bring some variety to your paleo diet. This is a universal application. It is available for $2.99 at this point.

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