Remembary Connected Diary

Many of us spend so much time on Twitter and Facebook every week. If you keep adding content to those sites on a daily basis, it could get quite difficult to remember what you did each day. Remembary Connected Diary makes the process of taking your journal a whole lot easier. It connects to your Twitter, Facebook, and RSS feeds and automatically keeps track of things you do online.

For starters, Remembary Connected Diary is a pretty decent journal app for iPad. It is quite user friendly and makes taking notes on a daily basis easy. It has various themes and font styles to bring some variety to your journal. Here is the fun part: you can link your journal with your Twitter, Facebook, and favorite RSS accounts. This app automatically fetches content and adds entries under their dates.

Remembary Connected Diary can download up to 3500 of your past tweets. The search functionality within this application makes it easier to go through all your content easier. Need to backup your journal? Just export it in text format to your computer. Users can protect their journal using a password.

If you need a diary application that lets you get a better snapshot of each and everyday, Remembary Connected Diary is worth a look.

Rating: 88/100

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