Ruby for Reddit for iPad

Reddit is still one of the most popular social networks around. Many folks follow and contribute to the site on a daily basis. You don’t always need to use your computer to keep up with Reddit updates. Ruby for Reddit is a beautiful application that lets you read and contribute to the site on the go. It has a clean user-interface with everything you need to add stories, leave comments, and read what others have had to say about stories.


Ruby for Reddit has a full screen mode and supports inline images. You can search for subreddits fast. Not only you can add your own comments but also submit stories. The app keeps track of the stories you have submitted, liked, disliked, and saved. It automatically shows you more stories when you get to the end of the page.


Ruby for Reddit has a premium add-on that brings more fonts, a dark mode, and password protection. Overall, this is a pretty neat app for Reddit fans to use to catch up with their favorite stories on the go.

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