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The recent events in Japan have been quite tragic. Not only many folks have lost their lives, there are plenty of others who have trouble getting by on a daily basis. Then we have got the issue of radiation. By all accounts, the Japanese people will have to deal with the effects of the radiation leak for quite some time. Some radioactive isotopes have made it already to this side of the world, so it is not hard to imagine how grave this situation is. Fear is not the answer here. But staying informed is not a bad idea. Radiation Map is a handy application that helps you keep up with the radiation map in your area. While most experts suggest the U.S. won’t be dangerously affected by the recent radiation leak, it never hurts to stay informed.

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Radiation Map provides you with the latest radiation readings in your area. It mainly covers the U.S., Japan, and Korea. Those who live in the U.S. should not be too worried about the current levels of radiation at this point. But the EPA is monitoring the situation. If the levels continue to rise, then we may have an issue. Radiation Map provides you with the readings, so you can make your decisions in a more knowledgeable fashion.

In these tough times, we can only pray for the people of Japan (in addition to making donations). If you are worried about your family members and want to stay informed on radiation levels on the go, Radiation Map can help. Of course, you can always use other free sources to find this information out. This app just makes accessing this information a bit more convenient.

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