Salute the Desk for iPad

Plenty of folks get excited about strength training or cardio. Yoga can work wonders for your body too. Even if you don’t have time to perform yoga moves for an hour or more each day, you can still try it throughout the day to relax your body and take your mind off things. Salute the Desk happens to be an awesome app that brings over 27 yoga poses and two guided relaxation sessions, so you can get some practice at your desk.


Salute the Desk is designed for folks who spend a lot of time sitting every day at work. It has audio, video, and written instructions to keep you on track. The program is designed by a qualified yoga, Tai Chi and Qigong instructor. Whether you want to learn how to stretch your body at work or improve your posture, this app has you covered.


Salute the Desk keeps track of your progress and helps you schedule your sessions. It is social media friendly as well. It shows you how to move your body at work, relax it, and improve your posture. You can try the app for under $4 at this time.

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