Saving Seeds HD

Doodle puzzles can be a lot of fun depending on the titles that you pick up. Saving Seeds HD is a doodle physics game that involves you trying to save your seeds by drawing lines to get your seeds into flower pots. Sounds simple? This is a puzzle with multiple levels and does require some thinking if you want to finish all the levels.

Saving Seeds HD is based on a simple concept but it can be quite a time killer. The controls are pretty easy. Just draw the appropriate lines and see if you can get your seeds in the place it needs to go in. The game has 96 levels to keep you entertained. You don’t have an unlimited amount of ink, so you have to use the right tactics to finish more advanced levels.

Saving Seeds HD may not have 3D graphics but it has plenty of challenging levels for you to kill time and challenge yourself. The game is easy to pick up and very responsive. Another game to take with you on the road.

Rating: 8.5/10

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