Secure Gmail for iPad

Accessing your Gmail account without proper protection could be quite risky. Plenty of Gmail accounts get hacked mostly because their owners have lousy passwords or don’t pay attention to where they access their Gmail account from. Secure Gmail is a handy little app that helps protect your Gmail account. It supports passcode and dot lock protection schemes to keep your account safe.

This tool supports multiple Gmail accounts. It saves you from having to enter your username/password each time you want to check your Gmail account. Secure Gmail enables you to download attachments and send them to external applications. Viewing attachments is straightforward (with unzip support). I like the fact that 2-step verification for Gmail is supported. You can also configure this to delete all your data after a certain number of failed tries.

Secure Gmail is based on Gmail mobile web. It makes managing and switching among multiple Gmail accounts a piece of cake. A useful tool for Gmail addicts.

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