Kari’s Landscape Puzzles

We are all going to have those boring days when we don’t feel like doing anything. That is harder to get over when you are expected to show up for work. You could always try puzzles to kill time and get through your day faster though. Kari’s Landscape Puzzles is a cool little game that turns beautiful landscapes into puzzles. This is kid friendly so anyone can have fun with it.

The app has easy and hard puzzles so anyone can play. You can customize puzzle levels if you are having trouble solving certain ones. The puzzles can be played in full screen. There are 3 puzzle modes available. The iPad version has puzzles with up to 100 pieces (up to 60 on your iPhone). It provides support for the iPad 3’s retina display too.

Kari’s Landscape Puzzles is a nice game to kill time with on your iPad. It has beautiful landscapes and is easy to get started with. We would love to see more puzzles added to the app though.

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