Sleep Fan

Many of us use all types of fans in our offices and bed rooms. If you keep your fan on long enough, you almost get used to its sound. I am personally addicted to the sound of my fan when I am working (regardless of which season we are in). Of course, you don’t always get to carry your fan with you. Sleep Fan is a cool little app that brings fan sounds to your iPad.

Sleep Fan is developed for those of you who like the sound of your fan being on when you sleep. It gives 3 fan sounds (low, medium, and high). You can mix the sounds with white noises to improve their effects. It does have animated blades, which are nice but not deal makers. This app does have a simple timer too.

Sleep Fan has potential but needs a lot of work. We would love to see more settings offered in this app. The app did stop on us when iPad went to sleep. Better quality fan sounds would be nice too.

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