SplitBrowser for iPad

Have you ever wanted to have two windows opens on your iPad at the same time? It could be very helpful when you are browsing the Internet and need to check out two sites on the same screen. The SplitBrowser for iPad is just the tool you need to do this. It lets you open two resizable pages at the same time (in portrait and landscape viewing modes).

split browser

SplitBrowser is very useful for multi-tasking. You can listen to music on one page and read something on the other. You can zoom, scroll, and resize pages using your touch. Just like most browsers, this browser keeps track of your recently visited sites. It has a full screen video mode just in case you want to focus more on one task.

split browser

SplitBrowser is not perfect but the idea has a lot of potential. You could always use browsers with tabs to keep track of multiple windows but SplitBrowser’s approach might work better for some.

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