Stache iPad App for Bookmarking

We all find new interesting websites and pages all the time. You are not going to be able to remember every great new site that you find. Even if you bookmark them in your favorite browser, you will need to find a way to better organize and search them. Visual bookmarking apps such as Stache might help. This particular app is a universal app that lets you collect and organize pages you find useful. It can serve as a companion app to Stache for Mac.


Stache makes it easy to bookmark your favorite sites. The sites you bookmark are shown with screenshots to jog your memory. You can search to find pages that you can’t find at a glance. Stache can be added to Safari, so you can quickly add new pages to your app easily. Let’s not forget that Stache is iCloud friendly, so you will be able to access your bookmarks on all your devices. Add the Mac version, and you are ready golden.


Stache has an elegant and simple design and helps you keep your bookmarks organized. We did have some trouble with crashes. We would love for the app to support third party bookmarking services. The idea is solid, but the app will surely be improved in future versions.

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