Stretching & Flexibility for iPad

Plenty of folks know how to exercise and push their body with weight and cardio workout. But stretching matters big time too. All top athletes have stretching routines to keep their body flexible and injury free. Learning how to stretch can be a boring process if you have a boring instructor. Stretching & Flexibility for iPad happens to be a useful tool that helps you learn how to stretch your body in various ways to stay in top shape.


This app covers active, passive, and dynamic stretching. It has plenty of videos to cover various muscles in your body. You get 35 training videos, 6 warm-up videos, and 7 full routines. You can go through videos and find them by muscle group. The stretches covered are not going to be easy to pull off for everyone, but the videos provide you with enough guidance to get started.

stretch app

Stretching & Flexibility shows you how to stretch your body properly, strengthen various muscle groups, and stay injury free. The app is available for under $4.

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