Every college student needs a decent calculator for science and math courses. While relying on calculators too much is not beneficial for students, these tools can save students some time and help them identify their errors. Many students tend to go with a physical calculator for their calculation needs. Why do that when you can take advantage of SuperCalc to tackle more complex problems? It is an all powerful calculator that allows users to tackle more technical problems on their tablets.

Unlike regular calculators, SuperCalc can handle problems specific to Chemistry, Math, Science, and Electronics. For starters, it does have a scientific calculator inside just in case that’s what you are looking for. The more specific calculators don’t cover every problem in their respective fields, but they are still great time savers.

SuperCalc is a different kind of a calculator. While it does not cover every physics, chemistry, or math problem, it is based on a very interesting concept. Let’s hope the developers cover more topics in this app in the future.

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