TheSaurus Interactive Visual Thesaurus for iOS

Not every one of us is interested in becoming a language expert. At the same time, having a thesaurus around is helpful when you need to write up an article or look up something. We have covered plenty of awesome Thesaurus apps in past. TheSaurus happens to be an interactive visual thesaurus that puts words and synonyms you look up on a graph.


TheSaurus is essentially a visual Thesaurus for your iPhone and iPad. When you search for a word, it becomes the root of your graph. It will be positioned in the center with other nodes connected to it. You can tap on each node to get its definition. You can expand nodes or get rid of them if there are too many on your screen.


TheSaurus not only helps you look up words but can also suggest random words when you shake your device. You can pinch your display to adjust node font and size. If you need a more visual thesaurus app, you should give TheSaurus a look.

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