Treadmill Interval Running for iPad

Exercising outdoors on a regular basis is great for your body and mind. But not everyone has time to go out every day. Let’s not forget that weather does not always cooperate either. Treadmills can give you an intense workout at home though. You are going to need the right training program to push your body. Treadmill Interval Running can help. This is a premium application that lets you control compatible treadmills with audio chirp commands. Just plug your iPad into your treadmill and start running.


Treadmill Interval Running is designed to help you get more out of your treadmill workouts. You can use one of the three preset workouts or create your own using the workout editor. The app lets you add and remove segments and adjust their time. You can save and load your workouts as you like. Keep in mind that not all treadmills support this app.

treadmill app

Treadmill Interval Running is not the only treadmill training app we have tested. In fact, there are plenty of other exciting options on the market. But for a simple app for interval training on a treadmill, this does the job.

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