Virtual Trainer Stretch for iPad

Stretching your body on a regular basis is very important if you want to make it flexible, burn calories, and stay injury free. Learning how to stretch your body the right way is not too hard if you have an instructor to show you the way. Don’t want to visit a gym to learn how to do stretches? The Virtual Trainer Stretch for iPad has you covered. It brings various exercises to your tablet and shows you how to do them.


Virtual Trainer Stretch has 64 exercises presented in HD quality. You can clearly see how to do each move. Users also have the option to personalize their workouts. Various muscle groups are targeted by these workouts. You can use timers to keep your workouts on track (for Tabata, HIIT, and Circuit training). Exercises can be filtered by muscle groups that they will target.

trainer stretch

Virtual Trainer Stretch has a user-friendly design and makes it easier for users to customize their workouts, learn new moves, and stay motivated by earning points and rewards. This is a universal application.

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