Weather Doodle

Many of us are not lucky enough to live in areas with predictable weather. Considering that the weather has been acting crazy all over the world in the past few months, you don’t want to rely on a hope and a prayer when you get on the move. Apps such as Weather Doodle let you use your iPad as your weather station. They make it much easier to prepare for the weather conditions you will be facing.

Weather Doodle is not your average weather application though. It is one of the best looking applications we have ever tested. Powered by WeatherBug, Weather Doodle includes animated weather conditions and forecasts. It is very much an artistic application. Users can always buy more themes to keep things fresh.

Weather Doodle’s look changes throughout the day to reflect the current conditions. It does have 5-day forecast and other basic features we all expect in a decent weather app. Users have the option to choose from stations in their local area. Want to share the fun with your friends? Facebook and Twitter support are offered.

If you are looking for a unique weather app to keep up with climate changes in your area, Weather Doodle is well worth checking out. It is good looking and does what it promises.

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