Solar Monitor Pro

Our sun is truly an amazing object. Not only it is the source of power and life on this earth, it can damage our technologies in a devastating fashion if it acts up in a major way. Many physicists do attribute the recent changes in our climate to the changes in our sun. You don’t have to be a NASA genius to keep up with our sun and the effects it has on our earth’s magnetic field. Solar Monitor Pro is a  powerful application that keeps you up-to-date with solar changes right on your iPad. It turns your tablet into a sophisticated space weather monitor in a flash.

Solar Monitor Pro turns your iPad into a solar meter and tracker. It provides you with solar wind speed and information on  our magnetic field. The following solar data are covered too:

  • Solar wind speed
  • Density
  • X-Ray Flux with 12/24 hour max
  • Sunspot number
  • KP information
  • IMF
  • Dynamic pressure

When a large solar storm is coming our way, Solar Monitor Pro sends you a notification. This app provides you with images from SOHO too. If you change your device’s orientation, you can even get more detailed information.

Solar Monitor Pro provides you with amazing real-time images of the sun. It has all kinds of charts and plots for those of you who want to approach the changes in our sun in a technical fashion. The history logs feature is pretty useful too. The interface is quite well designed. The developers have done a wonderful job displaying the data in a user friendly fashion. One could spend a lot of time keeping up with all the charts, plots, and images included in this app.

Solar Monitor Pro is a must try app for anyone into researching the space climate, the sun and its effects on our planet. It has amazing images and plots. This tool has something for everyone. Well worth the investment.

Rating: 94/100

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