Rates for iPad

You don’t need a fancy tool to convert between currencies. In fact, there are plenty of sites, including Google, that could provide you with fast currency conversions. Want to handle currency conversions on your tablet? Rates for iPad is what you need. It is an elegant tool that supports plenty of currencies and can work just fine when you are not online.


Rates covers over 150 currencies for you to take advantage of. You probably don’t need all of them, which is why you should use your favorite currencies list. The app has a clean user interface and works just fine on your iPhone too. Adding new amounts can’t be any easier. The conversions happen instantaneously.

rates app

Rates is not the best currency converter we have seen. But it does handle simple conversions well. The app did crash on us a couple of times but nothing too major.  I still prefer using Google for these types of tasks.

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