EyeChart Pro

Remember those good old E charts that eye doctors used to find out about the status of one’s eyes. Those charts are still around. But a lot of people have made a habit of memorizing signs, doing themselves and their eyes a disservice in the process. EyeChart Pro is a cool iPad application that randomizes those charts and takes the guesswork out of the equation. It’s a nice tool to have for eye doctors who are making house visits or traveling around the globe to treat patients.

EyeChart Pro has plenty of charts that gives professionals the tools they need to get their job done. It comes with Snellen and Tumbing E charts (in randomized fashion). So patients can’t start guessing things. The app does give you the option to random a chart or just a portion of it.

Of course, these charts are not the only tool that eye doctors need to measure one’s visual acuity. But it can be a handy tool when other options are not available. The charts are what you’d expect. They are clear and easy randomizable. The interface itself is clean and simple to use as well. Overall, EyeChart Pro is a very handy tool for traveling doctors.

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