BJJ Sweeps for iPad

BJJ is a great martial art to learn and master. It not only encourages you to get fit but also helps you defend yourself in tough situations. Learning BJJ and all its techniques could take a while though. You are going to need the right kind of training to master holds, sweeps, and other topics. BJJ Sweeps for iPad is an awesome application that helps you take your BJJ game to the next level.


BJJ Sweeps shows you deep half guard fundamentals and various sweeps. It also covers leg wrap fundamentals, taking the back, and standing sweeps. You are provided with videos, so you can get a better understanding of how to pull off each move. The app covers dump, scoop, rocking chair, and many other sweeps.

bjj sweeps

BJJ Sweeps does not make you a master in BJJ but does provide you with enough guidance to improve your BJJ. Sets you back $3.99.

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