Eye Illusions HD

Everybody knows that our five senses are not perfect. There are plenty of ways to trick each of them. Eye illusions are particularly interesting as they can not only trick you but entertain you as well. Depending on the type of illusions that you choose to look at, you could end up spending some time trying to figure out what you are looking at or be amazed at what you are seeing. With Eye Illusions HD, the fun never has to end. It’s a simple to use and fun application that baffles, amazes, and entertains.

There are three types of illusions that you can tackle in this app. Weird lines need no explanation. They are the examples used in classes or science programs to show why our eyes are not perfect. Motion Illusions give you the sensation that things are moving in the pictures you are looking at. Don’t look at them too long though as they may give you a headache. Impossible objects give you the illusion that you are looking at 3D objects even though you are actually looking at 2D objects. Eye Illusions HD comes with a nice selection of all these illusions, giving you the opportunity to entertain yourself on the move and impress your friends.

Eye Illusions HD is quite easy to pick up and use. The navigation is pretty easy to work out. The illusion tips are helpful too if you have no idea what you are looking at. The zoom and favorite features are pretty useful too.

I love the fact that the developers behind this app add new images to their collection every week. That way you’ll always have something new to show your friends and colleagues. If you have never experienced your eyes being tricked in the past, you want to check this app out.

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