Exoplanet for iPad

One does not have to be a professional astronomer to care about what goes on in our skies. There are plenty of galaxies, stars, and objects worth knowing about. Exoplanets are particularly exciting to study as they could lead us to places where life could develop (if it has not already). Thanks to Exoplanet for iPad, you can keep up with extrasolar planets on your tablet.

Astronomers find new exoplanets on a regular basis. Over 500 exoplanets have already been discovered. This application contains a database of every known exoplanet with physical parameters.The position of these planets in our milky way is displayed too. Users get notified via push notifications everytime a new planet is discovered.

Exoplanet for iPad can serve as a good starting place for researching exoplanets. It links to scientific publications you should read to gain more info on these objects. The sky chart feature which displays planets positions in the sky is very helpful too.

Exoplanet for iPad is free and well worth playing if you are into astronomy. It has a ton of useful information and is quite interactive too.

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