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Whether you are a scientist, a marketer, or a college professor, it always pays to stay on the top of the latest developments in your industry. The best way to do that is by following the top blogs and feeds in your market. Managing a couple of feeds manually is not really that difficult. But if you are following 20 or 30 blogs, you are going to have trouble keeping up. Thanks to Early Edition for iPad, you can keep on the top of all your favorite feeds and get a nice overview of what’s new in your industry everyday.

Most professionals follow more than just a handful of feeds. If you are using a regular feed reader, you may miss some of those top stories in your industry. Early Edition for iPad has an innovative user interface that turns your feeds into a virtual magazine/newspaper for you to go through everyday. All you have to do is add all your favorite feeds to the app and let it fetch the latest items for you.

Once you have added your feeds to this app, it automatically goes through them and creates a virtual newspaper for you to go through. Of course, the news you see is what you would want to see. So you are in complete control. You can  just skim through the headlines or find your way back to original stories if that is what you prefer.

Anything that can be turned into RSS format is supported by this app. Of course, you want to make sure you add the most useful feeds to your app. The interface is quite impressive and easy to figure out. Adding and deleting feeds is easy as well. Let’s not forget about the archive feature that makes it easy to access stories from past editions.

Early Edition has got a lot of potential. But there are somethings that can be improved upon. For starters, it would be nice if folders and categories are supported for feeds. When you pick up the Wall Street Journal, there are all kinds of news sections inside. It’d be nice if folders could be turned into sections. Besides, managing hundreds of feeds would be much easier with categories or folders. Plus, it would be quite useful if the title of the newspaper could be changed. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could brand your own virtual newspaper and then have a way to share it with the world? Being able to use the app in conjunction with other feed readers would be helpful as well (the developers are working on Google Reader integration and import capability at this point).

The Early Edition is not your average RSS reader. It’s quite user friendly and very easy to get started with. It makes reading feeds more enjoyable. Yet another reason to never get enough of your iPad.


easy to use, interface, innovativemore customization options, better feed organization

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