Lumin for iPad

As we age, our eyes lose their ability to see small text clearly. You can always get a pair of glasses to help you out with that. But what if you don’t have your glasses with you? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could use your iPad as a magnifier for the text you want to read? Lumin for iPad is a handy tool that turns your tablet into a magnifier, giving you a helping hand when you don’t have your glasses around.

Lumin is optimized to work with your iPhone/iPad camera. It takes high resolution images and allows you to interact with them (zoom/pan). This essentially makes your iOS device as good as a high resolution pair of glasses. This is not only useful for reading content in smaller text but it also helps when you need a tool to go through the small footnotes of the important documents you have got.

Lumin for iPad could also be used to check your teeth or makeup. The sky’s the limit with this app. We had a lot of success magnifying documents using this tool. It beats having to carry a physical magnifier around.

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