Astrolabe Clock

We have tested plenty of clock applications for iPhone and iPad here in the past. There are just so many of them around in the app store. The Astrolabe Clock is not your average clock though. It is inspired by the astrolabe that the ancients used to tell time and predict the location of the sun, stars, and planets. This app is a modern implementation of that.

The Astrolabe Clock shows you a glance of the sky at any given time or day of the year. It shows you the location of the the moons, planets and stars as well. You have the option to use Location Services to get more out of this app. The app accepts latitude and longitude. It shows you the time of sunrise and sunset and phases of the moon as well.

Astrolabe Clock is quite an interesting clock. It not only tells you time but it offers so much more. It works great on iPhone too. This is a pretty fun app to play around with.

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