Friendly – Facebook Browser

Plenty of people spend hours each day interacting with their friends and colleagues on Facebook. We are talking about millions of people. While keeping up with Facebook is fun, you certainly want to be tied to your computer to do it. I personally don’t like the clients on iPhone either (mainly due to screen being too small). Thanks to Friendly – Facebook Browser, you can keep up with your Facebook account on your iPad on the go.

Friendly – Facebook Browser has a very clean interface. It’s fast and very responsive. You can use it to update your Facebook status, message your friends, and comment on other people’s stories (things that you do on Facebook using your personal or laptop computer).

Friendly – Facebook Browser takes full advantage of your iPad’s large screen to bring you a richer Facebook experience. It can handle photos and other multi-media files. Keeping up with events and requests is super easy too.

Friendly – Facebook Browser is the ultimate app for Facebook addicts. It’s very clean and easy to use. In a perfect world, it’d be a free app, but if you look at the interface, you realize why this is a paid app for now.

What’s your favorite Facebook app for iPad?

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