Geology by KIDS DISCOVER for iPad

In the past few months, we have covered plenty of awesome KIDS DISCOVER applications. They teach your kids all kinds of topics, including astronomy, geography, and history. Geology by KIDS DISCOVER, as the name suggests, teaches your children geology in an interactive fashion. It is designed for kids at upper elementary and middle school levels.


This application provides the user with a highly interactive experience. It has interactive 3D models, HD video and audio, high resolution photographs, and easy to read material. It uses puzzles and quizzes to test the user on the material covered. The app is optimized for iPad and looks brilliant. The rock cycle, gemstones, fossils, and meteors are covered.

geology app

Geology by KIDS DISCOVER does not make your kid a geology genius. But it makes learning about it more fun. This premium app is going for under $4 at this time.

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